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Our Favourite Fall Wellness Rituals

We're unanimous here at Hair Holistic, we love easing into fall. The changing colours, the crisp air, the urge to sink into routine again... we love it all. Fall is such a beautiful time to double down on your self care and wellness routines, so we're sharing our teams favourite wellness rituals


I've always found comfort in the transition through the seasons. I love that it's a constant in our world, where so much changes all the time. Fall to me means feeling more grounded and easing into a routine after the summer. 

One of my favourite wellness rituals is coffee or tea dates with friends, either in the city or heading out into nature for a hike. As an introvert, I cherish deep, meaningful conversations, and after the busyness of the summer, it feels great to cozy up with a hot drink and catchup one on one with people that I love.

This is also the season that I become more intentional with my hair, scalp and facial care. You can find me cycling my various treatments on wash day, between a scalp scrub and a hydrating hair mask usually. If I'm feeling extra luxurious, I draw myself a bath while my hair treatment warms in a towel wrap. I highly recommend offering yourself this moment of calm. Add in some spa music and I feel nourished and calm.

We have also recently been testing out some new skincare products from a beautiful Canadian brand, and if you've seen me in salon recently, you know I can't stop talking about it! I'm very excited to be expanding Skwálwen Botanicals at Hair Holistic to include their skincare. My favourite is their Tewín’xw Cranberry Rose Facial Serum, it has absolutely saved my skin. 



My favourite daily wellness ritual is to start my day with an early morning walk. This ritual is more important than ever during the fall season. The air is cooler, the morning sky is darker, and somehow days seem fuller and busier, so starting off the day with some calm personal time in nature is the best primer for a centred self the rest of the day. I love taking in the changing foliage in my local park, but also find so much inspiring life in the natural world of city streets and even alleys. Quiet daily walks are a wonderful way to experience the slow changes and subtle energies of the natural world and help us stay connected to these aspects of our internal selves through seasonal changes.

Likewise, in the evenings I like to end the day with a self-care ritual. Often in the fall this is in the form of a deep soak in a very hot bath. I enjoy scenting my bath with dried herbs, and essential oil infused bath salts, depending on my mood and needs. I love to play with mixing my own combinations of herbs I’ve grown and indigenous made essential oils or giving myself a special treat with these wild rose bath salts - the rose petals in it are true Rosa Nutkana! If you are a west-coast person like me, these will bring you right back home!  For a deep detoxifying unwind, I enjoy a charcoal salt soak, a refreshing blend of calming lavender with grounding rosemary, two of my favourite plant allies.

I love my bath’s steaming hot so I always finish with a nourishing body oil to seal that moisture in for the night. A favourite is the Tai body oil. I love that it’s unscented, so it layers beautifully after any scented soak, and it is so concentrated and packed with gorgeous skin-loving ingredients like Prickly Pear, Sea Buckthorn and Calendula.


What are your favourite fall wellness routines? We hope you have found some inspiration here. Wishing you a nourishing fall!



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