What to Expect When Switching to Professional, Clean Haircare


So you've tried a couple "clean" shampoos and they sucked. We feel you -- we've been there and we know how frustrating it can be! That's why we're sharing some wisdom from our experts so you know what to expect when moving away from the toxins found in conventional shampoos and find the clean haircare routine that works for you. 

The effect ingredients can have

Did you know that when you're switching haircare, your new line may use different technology and chemistry? Your hair might just need more time to adjust to the new stuff you're putting on it to feel the full positive effects!

If you've been using non-professional products (drug store, health food store, anything not sold in salon), or silicone-based products, your hair may have a buildup on the outside. This is un-ideal, because while it makes your hair feel good for a while, it's actually having negative effects such as:

  • Your scalp may not be able to breath enough¬†to function properly, and you may see flakes, irritation and itchiness.
  • No matter which treatments, leave-ins, or nice shampoos/conditioners you're using, the nutrients won't penetrate into the hair, essentially dehydrating it and...
  • This may be causing you to wash more than you need to!¬†

    We've even had some studio guests using good quality, professional lines and unfortunately still having challenges with their hair and scalp.

    So... what happened when you switched to a different cleansing system without all the buildup? Your hair was so used to it's environment, it didn't really know what to do!

    What happens when you switch to clean haircare

    Common things we see when people are making a change to clean haircare are:

    • Less lather at first:¬†The shampoo has way more to work through initially, so expect a little less, and double cleanse if you need to. Don't be afraid to add more water as well, Innersense's Hairbaths, for example, are very concentrated so water helps to activate them.
    • Itchy scalp:¬†As long as the itch is not severe, and goes away within a couple weeks, don't worry. This is likely your scalp's reaction to the buildup detoxing. If it continues for a prolonged period of time or is severe, you may be allergic to an ingredient and we recommend finding another product.
    • Frizz/Dryness:¬†We know... this one sucks. But your hair has been so used to being weighed down or coated. As that comes off, before the new nutrients get inside to sustainably nourish your hair, it's going to be a little unruly. This will absolutely subside as the¬†hair gets properly fed and hydrated.
    • Over production of oils:¬†Again, your scalp may not be used to what's happening and can react by producing more oils. Once it realizes it has enough hydration, it should calm. If it doesn't, we may recommend a different cleanser and conditioner for you.

    When we're consulting with folks and helping them switch over, we always recommend sticking with your new products for at least a month before adjusting. This allows your hair to start to work with the new products and for you to truly see the positive results. Your hair might feel a little different from what it did before, but that feeling is YOUR HAIR. Not your hair with a layer of stuff on it. Embrace it!

    Find the clean haircare that works for you

    We are proud to carry only professional-grade, toxin-free haircare like Innersense Organic Beauty in our Toronto studio, and online. If you aren't sure which products are best for you, we are always available by email, and chat. We also offer an in-depth Virtual Consultation for a full information session with Diana Osborne, Holistic Hair Expert.

    Feedback we hear from people that have switched to a professional, clean haircare routine:

    "My hair is way less frizzy!"
    "I can't believe it, I'm not washing it as often and it looks better!"
    "My curls have popped!"

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