How to Clean your Hairbrush

Why You Need to Clean Your Hair Brush

We love boar bristle and nylon hairbrushes because they help to exfoliate the scalp, detangle and smooth the hair. This means that there will be dry skin, hairs and anything else that was in your hair when you brushed it, including product. Now it's a couple months, and it looks dusty has all that hair and dry skin built up in it, and you're wondering if your allow to get you brush wet so you can wash it out. Here is a step by step instruction list on how to clean your hairbrush. 
We want to make sure that our tools are clean to ensure it lasts as long as possible, you get the most benefits out of it and it stays hygienic. This can also become a really wonderful ritual, to bring more love to your routine.
A picture of a boar bristle brush, with scissors, a bottle of Innersense Colour Awakening Hairbath and a comb laying on a Stray & Wander Towel.

Tools required:

  • comb
  • scissors
  • an old toothbrush
  • a bowl or basin
  • shampoo
  • a towel

Let's get started!

Begin by removing the hair and other particles, using the ends of the comb to pick up the hair. You can run it both vertically and horizontally.

A picture of a boar bristle and nylon hairbrush, with a comb removing the loose debri and hair from it. The background is a blue Stray & Wander towel.

If there are particularly stubborn buildup, you can gently use the scissors to cut the tangles.

Once you've removed most of the dirt, fill a small sink or bowl with warm water and a small amount of shampoo. Submerge the bristles in. Depending on how much needs to be cleaned, you can let it soak for 5-10mins as well as use the toothbrush to scrub.

A boar bristle and nylon hairbrush partially submerged in warm, soapy water, with a bottle of Innersense Colour Awakening Hairbath next to it. The background is a blue Stray & Wander towel.

Rinse the hairbrush off with room temperature water, and place it on a towel, bristles side down. This ensures that no water stays in the cushion of the brush.

A picture of a boar bristle and nylon hairbush laying face down on a blue Stray & Wander towel to dry.

Let it dry overnight, then enjoy your brushing ritual once again. It's great to create a cleaning routine about 3-4x per year to ensure your brush stays in optimal condition! 

Happy Hair Brushing!



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