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5 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Products

1. Start small

The companies we partner with craft high quality, concentrated haircare products so you don't need to use as much as you usually would. We recommend starting with the size of a nickel and adding more only if needed.

2. Add water

Many of our products are formulated with a less water in the ingredients, adding some water back in when you use them will help hydrate your hair, distribute the product better, and ensure high performance.

3. Emulsify well

Always emulsify and work the products in the palm of your hand before applying to your hair. This helps to distribute them properly, and also activates those amazing ingredients inside!

4. Be Intentional

Caring for your hair is an act of self love, we know this from how good it feels to have clean hair! This is your reminder to slow down, notice your senses: what are you smelling, how does it feel in your hands. Whether you're incorporating a new tool like a brush or comb, or simply cleansing your hair, carve out some time for you. You deserve it.

5. Stick with it

Your body may need time to adjust to your new routine and all the goodness coming at it. It can take anywhere from a couple weeks to 6 months to fully see your results. Read our full Blog Post on What to Expect When Switching to Clean Haircare.

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