Ambassador Program

We love partnering with like minded people, passionate about clean, professional beauty and are currently accepting an exclusive group of affiliates to work with us!

Hair Holistic was founded in 2017 by Diana Osborne, after she was unable to work in traditional salons due to chemical sensitivity. She knew there was a better, healthier way to create beautiful hair, and just like that, Hair Holistic was born. 

We are passionate about ensuring that everyone have access to the clean, quality products, curated by Diana, a green beauty professional, no matter where you are. We are proud to be completely transparent, with full ingredient lists for every product we retail.

We donate 1% of all goods and services sold, to various organizations, including a Canadian water organization, LGBTQ2S, and BIPOC support.
We are very intentional on the lines we partner with. We look for professional efficacy, cruelty free, with clean ingredients, and ethical practices where possible.

We truly believe that we can change the world, while creating beautiful healthy hair, and we welcome you to join us!