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Natural Haircare for Fine Hair

We created these collections to help you create a custom haircare routine that targets your specific needs. This collection is for those with fine hair textures. The products listed here contain lighter moisture and will be gentle on fine hair. We've also included some volumizing and thickening products in case you want a little va-va-voom! 

It is perfectly fine to mix and match products from the different edits and is in fact encouraged, in order to get the right nourishment for all the different hair textures out there.

person looking at strand of hair upclose

What is Considered Fine Hair?

The term “fine hair” is used to describe the individual strand of hair, as opposed to the natural style or condition of scalp, and you can figure this out by examining a single strand of your own hair. You’re looking for the width and texture of the individual hair strand; fine hair will be smaller in width and not sow much texture, where as courser hair will be much more visible in both width/size and show more texture.

Fine hair can be on the oily or dry side, or anywhere in between. It can also be curly, straight, wavy, coily, or any other pattern, and you can have a little or a lot of it! 

Fine vs Thin

You can have fine hair that is either thick or thin. Fine hair is determined by the characteristics of the strand of hair, where as the thinness-thickness is based on the amount of hair you have on your head. You can quickly discover this by running your fingers through your hair and feeling for volume of hair. It’s about how many hair follicles are on your head, not a specific number, but more hair follicles means thicker hair. If you discover you have fine and thin hair, then something to create some volume might be of interest to you.  

bottle of Innersense Organic Beautys Detox Masque laying flat on white background with wooden spoon and dried clay and charcoal

How to Get the Most of Your Products

No matter where you are in your hair journey, it’s a great idea to do a little hair detox every once in a while. If you’re making the switch over to cleaner haircare or simply need to remove excess build up from raw oils, products, hard water etc., a charcoal-based treatment can be really helpful. That build up creates a barrier, like a shield, preventing not only the amazing nutrients in our products from actually coming into contact with your hair to provide all of its glory, but it also prevents water from getting in touch. This means that your the products your using to heal your hair externally are not working as effectively as they can.

This is quite common and is a recipe for dehydrated split ends that lacks the necessary nourishment of healthy hair. Removing this build up will allow for optimal penetration of your shampoo, conditioner, treatment masks and styling products, leading to healthier, more manageable hair. This detox can take time, especially if you apply raw oils and/or products with silicones, which means weeks or even months for some, however, will significantly speed up the healing process by clearing the way for external nutrients.

innersense hair products laying flat with plnats and crystals

Best Products for Fine Hair

Shampoo and Conditioner

Pure Harmony Hairbath

This lightweight hair cleanse is best for fine to medium hair types. This gentle shampoo increases moisture to provide health, balanced, full-bodied hair, without weighing the hair down. The sulphate-free blend is crafted with extracts of pumpkin seed, shea butter and coconut oils to purify and cleanse, while orange flower oil uplifts the senses.

Pure Inspiration Hair Conditioner

Best for fine to medium hair textures, this lightweight organic conditioner naturally detangles and increases moisture. Crafted with rice bran oil and aloe to strengthen and smooth the hair shaft, while orange flower oil delivers beautiful shine. The silicone-free formula eliminates frizz, leaving hair hydrated and happy. 

Dry Shampoo for Fine Hair

A dry shampoo is for you if you are looking to transition to washing your hair less, deal with oily scalps and hair, create extra volume and help hold styles. Check out this blog for everything you need to know about dry shampoo.

Souldeo Dry Shampoo

Souldeo is the best dry shampoo if you're looking for your basic powder product. It simple, effective, completely toxin free and will help add a slight texture and volume. You really can't go wrong with this one! They recently launched their puff applicator which means that you don't have to shake it on. Simply press down on the top and a puff of powder comes out. It comes in three natural scents: Peppermint + Rosemary, Vanilla + Coconut, and Lavender + Bergamot! They're working on a refill as well, which should launch 2021. We love that! Good for all hair types, looking for a little extra volume.

Hairstory Powder

So you want volume with your dry shampoo? Hairstory Powder is the one for you! This one also comes in a powder puff applicator and is sure to boost body and maintain style. You'll definitely feel this hold in your hair, it's a cross between a styler (think Bridget Bardot) and a dry shampoo. Made for all hair types, this dry shampoo naturally absorbs residue and reverses greasy hair without exposing your scalp or hair to harsh chemicals. Plus, it smells great!

Innersense Refresh

Refresh is an organic foam-to-powder dry shampoo that eliminates excess oil, builds body, creates texture and renews second-day hair. This product is created for all hair types but we love this one most for those wearing their hair in a natural curl, as the foam starts slightly liquid and can help to rejuvenate your texture! This dry shampoo is on the milder side, so if you have finer hair and just need a little help to get to wash day, it's lovely! And side note - we also love this as a volume product on damp hair before blowdrying. It's a great hack that can also prolong your style!

asian woman with wet hair

Styling Products for Fine Hair

Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner

This is a great leave-in conditioning spray to help detangle hair, helping to prevent damage and breakage. Ideal for all hair types, this lightweight detangling spray increases moisture and leaves hair free-flowing and ready for any style. Infused with emollient oils, fragrant herbs, flower essences and a touch of bee-friendly honey to maintain body and manageability, while lavender adds a delicate, healing fragrance. We recommend only using a small amount, as it's so concentrated!

I Create Waves

This pink Himalayan salt spray adds texture and enhances waves. Rich in minerals and amethyst crystal, this unique salt spray adds texture and volume to the hair, while aloe vera provides moisture to prevent parched ends. Great for all hair types, this natural spray creates beautiful, touchable, soft waves or brings lived-in curls back to life. We also love this product for creating volume at the root before styling! The salt will help to balance the natural oils, and can help extend time between wash days!

I Create Volume

Formulated with Certified Organic honey and aloe vera to bring fullness and manageability to even the finest hair. Rice amino acids and eucalyptus add moisture, improving expansion and shine. This is a great product if you have long curly hair that gets weighed down easily.

I Create Lift Volumizing Foam

Create beautiful hair from roots to ends with this lightweight styler from Innersense Organic Beauty. Designed for all hair types, this volumizing foam adds texture, defines curls and shapes and sculpts wet or dry hair.

I Create Finish

A versatile hairspray that works well with all hair types to beautifully finish off any style with shine and hold. Innersense's I Create Finish spray is formulated with Certified Organic honey that acts as a natural resin, and organic rooibos tea for antioxidant care. Aloe and rice proteins moisturize and strengthen every strand, leaving hair full and shiny. This is a great alternative to aerosol hairsprays!

Hairstory Lift

This versatile styling mist – a special blend of thickening, shape-shifting resins, and fast-vanishing spirits. This root lifting spray helps hair follicles raise the root, plump up a ponytail, or add a little “starch” to lock in shape when heat styling. The finish? Smooth, weightless, and always workable without leaving your strands or scalp damaged.

Hair Masks for Fine Hair

Other treatments, like moisturizing and protein building masks, can be helpful for those with fine hair as well but we haven't included them here because they aren't necessarily specific to fine hair textures. If you think your hair needs a little extra moisture as well, we recommend checking out this blog post to get get more details. If you aren't sure if you lack protein, check this post out from Innersense Organic Beauty. 

Detox Hair Mask

This is a clarifying detox treatment to remove buildup. As mentioned above, this is an important step towards getting more nourishment to the hair. If you have a lot of build up from the regular use of styling products, raw oils and ingredients found in conventional hair products, it could be preventing nutrients and other helpful ingredients from nourishing the hair.

Charcoal, Kaolin clay and Certified Organic white vinegar draw microparticles to the surface without stripping hair of natural oils. It can take some time to remove the build up, we recommend using this mask 1x weekly until you get your natural hair texture back to its natural state.

innersense organic beautys detox mask

Accessories for Fine Hair


We love scrunchies because they're gentle on hair, and they look cute! The soft fabric and looser fit can help prevent breakage and also keep those annoying hair creases away!

Charlie & Paisley are a slow fashion brand that is focused on creating a new sustainable standard for accessories. All their products are handmade in Vancouver, Canada from naturally derived, biodegradable, remnant and vintage deadstock fabrics.

Hair Towel

Using a towel to dry hair can help increase drying time for those wanting to limit heat from the blow dryer. It’s really about what kind of towel you’re using and HOW you’re using it. How many of you have spent your life vigorously shaking and rubbing your head with a regular towel? Well, this way doesn’t work for most hair types.

This hair towel is fast absorbing so you don’t have to rub and squeeze your hair, preventing unwanted frizz and decrease blow drying time. It's made with organic cotton with a tight weave which means its gentle on the hair, where as a regular towel can cause friction leading to breakage.


Stray and wander hair towels in multiple colours

Did you Find this Helpful?

We want you to make the right decisions for your hair type. We want to help get your hair to its healthiest state and enjoy the process of doing so. We believe these products are the best out there and we know from experience that they will help to heal and restore your hair. A commitment is required as healing takes time. 

If you aren’t sure what exact products to choose or want help figuring out your ideal haircare routine, just send us a message to

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