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A Guide to Travel Haircare Essentials

Our team has started travelling again, which has brought up the question from our guests... what do hairstylists take in their suitcase?! We've perfected our travel kits, whether you're checking a bag or you only ever travel with carry on luggage!

Hair product essentials for travelling 

Travel size haircare

If you want to continue with your amazing haircare routine on vacation, Innersense Organic Beauty has all the travel sizes in 2oz you need to keep that momentum! We love the Colour Awakening Hairbath, Colour Radiance Conditioner and Sweet Spirit to start. For curlies, I Create Volume and I Create Hold are amazing for different climates with more humidity! For finer, straight and wavy hair, we love I Create Waves Salt Spray. We recommend bringing just what you need, we hope that vacation hair will be effortless and free flowing!

Innersense Travel size hair products

Shampoo and conditioner bars to pack on vacation

Already maxed out on your liquids? We got you. Our shampoo and conditioner bars from the High-End Hippie Wellness Company are perfect, since they're a solid! We have both sizes available, but the Mini's are the perfect size to pack for most vacations. We also totally use the shampoo bars for shaving and as a body wash #LifeHack. Our best seller is the Awaken shampoo and conditioner line, and we even have a 3 in 1 for short hair and masculine folks in our life.

Salon quality shampoo and conditioner bars for zero waste haircare
We also recommend making sure you have the mesh bag for your shampoo and conditioner bars. This is a great way to transport them, and will also ensure they dry out (you can hand it anywhere) between uses, which is essential for making the most out of your products!

Hair tools to take on vacation

This section will get more personal with how much time you like to spend on your hair when on vacation, so we'll tell you the basics and you can build from there.

Best travel sized blowdryer

Travel size blowdryer

Diana discovered this toy sized Babyliss Pro blowdryer. OKOK, so it's not going to be like the one at home, but... it will do the trick (and is probably better than some of the hotel dryers!). The Babyliss PRO Nano-Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer offers a hot and very powerful airflow while being compact, ultra-lightweight and well balanced. Diffuser & narrow nozzle included.

Packable small brush

Did you know that our best selling Boar Bristle Hairbrush comes in a travel size?! The news is true. Your new best friend is a hairbrush... the Boar Bristle and Nylon brush is designed with a natural rubber cushion allowing the pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly, providing a gentle brushing action on your hair and scalp.  Hair brushing can stimulate the scalp and polish the hair shaft, supporting healthy, shiny hair. This is for dry hair only.

You might want to take that hair towel too...

Turkish cotton hair towel that's gentle on hair


Not quite a tool, but a must have in Diana's suitcase, is this Hair Towel. We love a fluffy hotel towel, but they can sometimes be heavy on your hair. causing tension when you've wrapped your hair to dry. Traditionally used for Hammam (Turkish baths), these beautifully-crafted towels are now widely used in spas, on the beach and in the home. Made of Turkish cotton - they are both absorbent and quick-drying (needed for anyone travelling!). Life hack: They can be used as a scarf on the plane as well.

Best multipurpose body moisturizer for travel

The final tip is to always have your small bottle of Harmonic Healing Oil with you... this healing oil from Innersense is an amazing multi purpose product. This sacred oil is formulated with a blend of emollient oils and flower essences, including sacred tamanu, evening primrose and macadamia. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, this luscious oil delivers hydration and nourishment. We love this as a scalp treatment for itchy and irritated scalps, sunburns (yes, that tamanu oil is amazing), bug bites or a body oil. We've even heard a rumour that Joanne from Innersense uses it as a deodorant, but you'll have to try that yourself.

Check out our Travel Collection

Now packing for that long awaited trip is as easy as 1, 2, 3! We hope you find this helpful on your travels, and if you do end up following our guide, make sure you tag us in your photos! 

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