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5 Tips for Curls in the Summer

Summer time! The world is lush, we're soaking up the sun and... the humidity is maybe making your curl routine a little more challenging. We released a blog a little while ago on changing your shampoo for summer, and we touched briefly on how our product routine could be changed as well. Today, we're getting into it!

Humidity is the amount of water in the air, and depending on where you live, this can really change the needs of your hair, especially with curls. Our hair is made up of keratin protein bonds, and they can be connected by something called a hydrogen bond. This is the bond that we "break" when we wet our hair, and it reforms as it dries, which is why we can do things like setting a curl cast, or doing a round brush blow dry. We are simply setting the hydrogen bond in a desired way! SO COOL, we know. So since this hydrogen bond can be broken with water, if there is enough water in the air, guess what happens? That's right, the bond is broken and that beautiful style you created in the morning, may not quite be the same. 

We are big fans of working WITH your hair, instead of against, so we have created a list of 5 (easy) ways to care for your curls in the summer.

A person facing the sun with long fluffy curls

1. Change up your products

We see so many curlies in our chair at Hair Holistic Studio, and for so many challenges, a change of product - usually to something with stronger hold - solves it 90% of the time! Gel is your curlfriend. And before you roll your eyes and walk away, we're here to tell you, more hold is THE KEY. And it won't give you the "wet look" or be all crunch. You can get SOFT, TOUCHABLE curls by using a good quality gel, in the right way. Here's why its magic: gel provides more structure to your curls as they set (go from wet to dry), and also ensures a barrier between the moisture in the hair and in the air. The more structure and hold while those hydrogen bonds are reforming to create your beautiful style, the better they'll withstand your day to day.

If you're someone who doesn't like to feel any product in your hair, we recommend this soft hold gel, or this weightless mousse. If you already use a medium hold product, we recommend trying this strong hold gel. Below, we're going to go step by step on how to create soft, touchable curls even with more hold.

1. Cleanse and condition as usual, we recommend detangling with conditioner in the hair as well. Rinse well.
2. When your hair is dripping wet, apply your products (send us a message via the chat if you want recommendations). PRO TIP: Keep your products in the shower so it's less messy and saves time! Rake through gently, press the product into the hair. THEN gently scrunch the excess water out.
3. Air dry, plop, or diffuse as usual.
4. When the hair is 100% DRY, go back in, massage your roots, and scrunch the hair well (don't rake through as this will disturb the curls). Doing this breaks up that curl cast and takes away all that feeling of the product, but leaves you the way it was set as it dried.

Watch this video by Innersense Educator Casey Voss to see how it's done.

Next... we're going to talk about when you might want to leave that cast alone for a bit.

Innersense Organic Beauty organic hair products

2. Leave the cast

Many folks we talk to have problems with the longevity of their curl set holding, and one way to help with this is to leave some or all of that curl cast on the hair! Once the curl cast has come off, the countdown begins. Your curl set will be put to the test of humidity, touching and sleeping. By waiting to break the curl cast, you can extend the longevity of that. Either simply let it be until you're ready, or scrunch lightly and then leave it.

We know some Innersense PROs that leave their curl cast the first night for an event the next day, or while they travel to their destination. It's all in your lifestyle and the timing that works for you! 

3. Sleep on silk (or satin)

What we sleep on, will definitely impact the longevity and look of our styles. In fact, we went in depth in this blog post last month! Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase is especially great for anyone that struggles to maintain their style for multiple days, is prone to unwanted frizz, or has fragile hair. The reason is that cotton can cause some friction on your curls, disrupting the way it's been set and reducing the definition. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase is probably the EASIEST way to increase the longevity of your style!

A person with a curly ponytail laughing at the camera

4. Put it up

Depending on your lifestyle, sometimes you just don't want to worry about what your hair is doing... insert: cute up styles! Simply search google, and you'll see millions of amazing curly up style ideas. We still recommend using a stronger hold product to style initially, but there are even ways to utilize headbands and scarves if you don't feel like using products. The natural hair "trend" is still gaining momentum and we don't see it going away, probably ever, let's be honest. You deserve to show off your gorgeous hair for that wedding, graduation and any other day.

5. Embrace the frizz!

There is nothing wrong with frizz. Yup, you heard us. In fact... we sometimes call it functional frizz. Hair is not meant to be smooth and perfectly clumped for everyone all the time. Frizz doesn't mean the hair is unhealthy or damaged. AT ALL. It's simply a way of being. If you love your curls with the volume turned up high, you know that you likely need to be comfortable with a little frizz. It adds softness and expansion. LOVE THAT.

A person with curly hair facing the ocean

That felt like part science class and part cosmetology! Our favourites. We believe that curly hair should be fun and simple to wear. With the right products, routine, and a little bit of practice, we know you got this!!!

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