White silk pillowcase on a white pillow with a black backdrop - affordable silk pillowcase from LilySilk for healthy skin and hair

Silk Pillowcase (vegan)

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Why is this the pillowcase the BEST?! It's made from plant cellulose AND it's going to save your hair while you sleep.

Cotton and other fabrics can absorb moisture out of skin and hair, and cause friction on your style. The smooth satin fabric of this pillowcase means your hair will slip as you move at night, meaning less frizz and better style retention.

Especially amazing for people with fragile hair, and folks with curly hair.

Maintain your skin and hair health, and enjoy a dreamy sleep, with this luxurious yet affordable pillowcase.

Size: Queen 

Care instructions

Wash your Satin Hydration Therapy® pillowcase in warm water with your other towels and sheets. Tumble dry on regular settings. Since these beauties are not polyester, they will wrinkle. But if you’re like us, we don’t’ care, as long as they do their job of keeping our hair & face healthy. It’s a lifestyle.
To remove wrinkles, simply turn pillowcase inside-out and iron on high heat.

If you're not sure which product is right for you, talk to a Holistic Hair Expert by email or book a Virtual Consultation.

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