How to Cure a Dry + Flaky Scalp

We all know that feeling of tightness in our scalp, right? Then you might notice a couple small flakes… Don’t worry! It’s very common, especially in our Canadian winters and there are a couple really simple ways you can avoid this.

  • Ensure you’re using GOOD quality products

This is huge. Did you know that lower quality products (drug store and even health food store) can contain waxes, fillers and improperly processed natural oils that sit on your hair and scalp, causing irritation and, sometimes flakes! Ensure you’re using good quality, clean products - we love Innersense Organic Beauty and Hairstory.

  • Avoid the heat (or limit)

We know that using hot water to shower or wash our hands can dehydrate skin, and of course our hair + scalp is no different! Avoid washing your hair in hot, hot water, and instead opt for warmer temperatures to retain some moisture. This also applies to styling with a blow dryer, make sure that your heat setting is on WARM and don’t overdry your hair. And since we’re all in self isolation as I write this… maybe dry it 50% and let the rest air dry!

  • Do an oil scalp treatment

This is my absolute favourite thing to do…

Brush your scalp (+hair) with a boar bristle and nylon brush (this is stimulating and exfoliating)
Apply Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil to your hands and rub into your scalp. Take a minute to breath intentionally and massage.
If you have a plastic shower cap, put it on (it will keep your body heat in and allow the oils to penetrate deeper), and I love wrapping my Stray & Wander towel around my head as well.
Relax for 30mins… to three hours! Or, leave it in overnight, just cover your pillow with a towel.
Shampoo twice with a good shampoo (I love Innersense Organic Beauty as it contains pure oils that actually feed + nourish the scalp and hair), condition as usual.
*Feel free to leave your conditioner in as long as possible! This also contains great moisture.

You can also see my step by step tutorial HERE.


I hope this helps take away that itchy, dry scalp… And as ALWAYS, drink lots of water, avoid stress and eat all the good foods!

XO Diana