5 Ways to Deal with a Dry + Flaky Scalp

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We all know that feeling of tightness in our scalp, right? Then you might notice a couple small flakes… Don’t worry! It’s very common, especially in our Canadian winters and there are a couple really simple ways you can avoid this.

1. Ensure you’re using GOOD quality products

This is huge. Did you know that lower, non-professional quality products (drug store and even health food store) can contain waxes, fillers and improperly processed natural oils that sit on your hair and scalp, causing irritation and inhibiting moisture from penetrating? If your hair feels weighed down after shampooing or you find you're washing your hair more, this might be the case. Ensure you’re using good quality, clean products - we love Innersense Organic Beauty and Hairstory. Innersense is formulated with the highest intention and purity, sourcing, harvesting and processing so they will help to feed moisture to your hair and scalp. Hairstory is amazing for dry scalps, as it doesn't contain any soap, it's one step to gently cleanse and condition. Plus, get 20% off your first order as a little gift from us to you). Wow, we know right?! So cool.

More on why using quality products matter and what you can expect when switching your haircare here!

2. Sleep on silk (or satin)

Cotton is a great material, but it is meant to absorb, and it's not super smooth. It can pull moisture away from your hair, as well as creating friction if you are someone who tosses and turns at night. Silk is incredible for being breathable, keeping that moisture with your hair, scalp but also your skin! We love this Silk Pillowcase because it is one sided, making it a more accessible price, as well as having a zipper ('cause you know silk slides away!).

Bed with white silk pillowcase

3. Avoid the heat (or simply turn it down)

We know that using hot water to shower or wash our hands can dehydrate skin, and of course our hair + scalp is no different! Avoid washing your hair in hot, hot water, and instead opt for warmer temperatures to retain some moisture. This also applies to styling with a blow dryer, make sure that your heat setting is on WARM and don’t over-dry your hair. Always make sure to use a good heat protectant product, and since we’re all in self-isolation as I write this… maybe dry it 50% and let the rest air dry! 

4. Use a scalp exfoliant

There are a couple different ways to exfoliate the scalp, you simply have to decide what works best for you! Regularly brushing your scalp and hair has a TON of benefits such as improving circulation, increasing hair growth and lowering stress, as well as sloughing off any dead skin cells. We recommend using the Bristle + Nylon Brush as it's gentle yet thorough, and feels amazing (just check out the review section). 

You can also incorporate a product like the Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub. This can be a better option for curly folks that prefer not to brush their hair. It is formulated with Hawaiian Red Salt, which is rich in volcanic clay and minerals to gently removes impurities, apple fruit to restore hydration, celery seed extract and peppermint oil to stimulate blood flow, and tea tree oil extracts to help soothe inflammation and irritation. And don't worry, we don't find it drying at all! 

5. Do an oil scalp treatment

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself…

Brush your scalp (+hair) with a Bristle and Nylon brush, this is stimulating and exfoliating. You can also use a scalp scrub.
Apply Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil to your hands and massage into your scalp. Take a minute to breath intentionally and take your time with that scalp massage!
If you have a plastic shower cap, put it on (it will keep your body heat in and allow the oils to penetrate deeper), and for an extra at home spa moment, we love wrapping our head in Stray & Wander towel.
Relax for 30mins… to three hours! Or, leave it in overnight, just cover your pillow with a towel.
Cleanse twice with good quality products (Innersense Organic Beauty or Hairstory), condition as usual. Feel free to leave your conditioner in as long as possible! This also contains great moisture.

You can also see Diana's step by step tutorial HERE.


Holistic hair expert Diana Osborne holding up Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub


We hope this helps take away that itchy, dry scalp… And as ALWAYS, drink lots of water, avoid stress and eat all the good foods!

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