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We are a gender neutral salon, which means prices are based on length of hair, specialty of service and time required, instead of your gender. We are a safe space for men, women and everyone outside the binary.
Please ensure you are familiar with our House Rules.
Milan Diana
Apprentice Director
Barber/Pixie 36 70
Short/Mid 48 95
Long/Transformational 60 120
Bang/Neck Touchup 15 25
Style (short) 25 55
Style (long) 29 65
Style with Hot Tool 40+  75+
Formal Down Style
48 100
Formal Up Style
60 130
Treatment Bar
Single Custom 35 35
Hair Reset 50 50
Hair + Scalp Harmony 75 75
Colour 65+ 145+
On Scalp Lightening 195+
Highlights (partial) 208+
Highlights (full) 265+
Specialty Lightening (partial) 231+
Specialty Lightening (full) 306+
Transformational Colour 140/hr


"Silent Services" available for those who prefer some quiet time. Simply ask for a Silent Service when booking your appointment. Your stylist will do a technical consultation and the rest of the appointment is quiet.
All prices are subject to consultation, considering hair density, time involved and amount of product used.
All prices listed include an in depth consultation, cleanse, scalp massage, and style.

A multi-service discount may be applied with a colour and haircut service are booked together.

We have partnered with Greencircle Salons to divert up to 95% of our salon waste properly. 
An Eco Fee of $2 is now included in the service price.

A temporary Health + Safety fee of $2 is added to every ticket.

We raise our prices annually to ensure that our team receives a small raise and is able to live and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.