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The Green Belle: Why You Should Switch to Non Toxic Haircare ft Diana Osborne

Gabby Dubois, The Green Belle is a Registered Nurse who started to made a drastic change to her beauty routine and lifestyle in 2017. She found out about all the harmful and toxic ingredients hiding in her makeup and beauty products and switched over to green beauty.

"This was one of the best decisions of my life, and since I've made it a priority to share my green journey and lifestyle change to help others make a change in their own life! While my toxic-free journey started with beauty, I later started looking in to my everyday home products and continue to switch over to greener lifestyle for a better body, home and environment!

On the podcast, I interview experts, founders, business owners, bloggers, nutritionists, doctors and people like you and me; to discuss everything from clean beauty, to healing our bodies, changing our mindset and habits, establishing and flourishing our brand and career, and being the best versions of ourselves."

In episode 5, she interviews her hair colourist, stylist and holistic hair expert, Diana Osborne, one of the only hair stylists that focuses on using natural hair products and a more holistic approach to hair colouring. This podcast focusses on the importance of transitioning to green hair products, tips for different hair types and goals, as well as her favourite hair products.

- Diana's personal story of why she switched to a holistic approach to hair and a greener lifestyle

-Why using natural hair products is important for our health and hair

-How our scalp absorbs more chemicals and ingredients than anywhere else on our body

-The difference between natural, clean hair products vs. conventional professional + drugstore hair products

-What changes to expect when using greener more natural hair products

-Why silicones in hair products are bad

-Tips for hair growth and dull, flat, fine and damaged hair

-Can you go blonde safely? Is there a clean purple shampoo?

-How to keep your blonde looking fresh, bright and beautiful longer

-Diana's favourite green hair products


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