Scalp Gua Sha

Scalp Gua Sha

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The Perfect Scalp Massage Tool

Our beautiful jadestone Gua Sha is the perfect scalp massage tool to create a healthy scalp environment. Massage with the Gua Sha promotes relaxation, which can reduce a person's stress response. This gentle massage increases blood flow to the scalp, allowing products to penetrate more fully. Improved scalp circulation may also aid hair growth.

Wonderful for a nourishing pre-cleanse treatment paired with Harmonic Healing Oil. Great for all hair types and all scalp types.

Made from Jadestone

3 1/2" x 2 1/4"

Directions for use

Section dry hair, optional to also add a few drops of Harmonic Healing Oil. Starting from the center line of the head, use long unilateral strokes to gently massage the scalp. Move out laterally from the center line toward the ear until you have completed one side. Follow the same treatment on the opposite side.

We recommend referring to a meridian map of the scalp, and the attached video to understand where to apply strokes.

Follow with your favourite Cleanser and Conditioner.