Toronto Eco Friendly Salon

We strongly believe that we have the responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet as much as possible.

We divert 99% of our waste.

Our studio has partnered with Green Circle Salons to divert 95% of our waste. This includes hair clippings, foils, tubes and bottles, any excess colour, as well as tool recycling. We also compost, which makes our waste diversion about 99%!


We're so happy to see this becoming the standard. We issue electronic receipts (or you can opt out completely), and all of our forms are created online. This means that it's easier for everyone, and it's not hard on the environment. We also know that email storage actually requires a lot of electricity so we try to work efficiently, and clear out our inboxes regularly.

Online Orders

Being an online store, it creates some challenges in our impact on the planet. We start by offering local pickup at the studio in Toronto and using Offset to balance our carbon emissions on anything that must be shipped. Our online orders are packed in the smallest package possible, and surrounded by either recycled packing paper (from our orders!) or dissolvable corn packing peanuts. 


We use the best products with the lowest amount of toxins, or NO toxins in them to reduce contamination going into our waterways. We partner with like minded companies that also have a commitment to sustainability, and when possible are local to reduce shipping impacts. The products we stock are meant to last a long time, whether it's a more concentrated shampoo or a good quality brush.

The Studio

Almost all of the lighting in our space is LED (and we are working towards 100%). Our space is filled with as many plants as possible, creating a beautiful ambiance and cleansing the air. Our past events have been completely zero waste, and provided opportunities for local food and music vendors. We also have Eco Heads on our sinks which can reduce our water usage by 65%!


We're pumped to launch our Refill Program at Hair Holistic Studio! We will be offering refills on all Innersense Organic Beauty Hairbaths and Conditioners up to 500ml. We offer 20% off when you bring in a clean container for refill of Innersense Organic Beauty products. Better for you, and our planet.

 Give Back

We have a Give Back promise that goes to some environmental campaigns we feel passionately about. We have also run fundraisers for some amazing causes we care about including local Toronto shelters and Fearless Beauty.

Our Holistic Approach

We believe that supporting healthy hair is not just the products you buy (in fact we usually recommend less products rather than more), but also the lifestyle and the habits of a person. We offer products that not only support your body but will last you a long time. 

Our holistic approach also extends to our team. We believe in balancing work and life, fair pay, and mental health support (oh and sitting down for lunch). We believe supporting individuals, also supports the community and our planet.

Stay tuned...

We have many more plans!