Studio FAQ

We know there’s SO many questions when it comes to the green beauty industry and it can be pretty overwhelming!
We’re here to make the transition easy and simple, to a cleaner lifestyle. If you don’t
find an answer here, please feel free to email us at


How natural is your haircolour? 

Words like "natural" and "organic" are largely unregulated, and we do not want to contribute to any misinformation. There are certified organic and naturally derived ingredients in the colour lines we use, however, they cannot be completely natural or organic while maintaining efficacy. We use products with the lowest amount of toxins, and can utilize techniques to lower exposure if needed. We are always researching to make sure that the products that we’re using are the cleanest available with the highest level of performance. The backbar styling products (shampoo, conditioner, styling) are toxin free with ratings under 3 on Think Dirty - no parabens, sulphates, fragrance, etc.

At this time all colour that is permanent and/or covers grey does require certain chemical ingredients. The lines we currently use have the lowest amount of any required chemicals while still delivering a professional result. They have no ammonia, or heavy scents and are organic when possible. We use Organic Colour Systems primarily, and our secondary line is Oway. If you are still concerned, there are many ways to colour hair that doesn’t touch the scalp.

Do they actually work?

They do! Since starting in the "clean beauty" space in 2014, Diana, has found that not only are these lines very comparable to “traditional” products but most of the time even surpass them in efficacy. We can create blondes, brunettes, redheads, pastels, balayage, etc.

How do I prepare for a colour appointment?

Myth: Colour processes better on dirty hair. The opposite is actually true! Colour, especially our colour line, is meant to be applied on clean hair. We suggest washing your hair the day before you come in. If we feel it needs an extra cleanse, we'll do that before your colour services starts.

What should I do (or not do) after my colour service?

Colour is a process and we want it to last as long as possible! Always wait 48-72 hours after leaving the salon to wash your hair and ensure you're using good quality, professional products (we have a couple we can recommend). We also recommend washing your hair in warm, not hot, water! Hot water will damage the hair, and your colour can fade a lot faster.

Do you do consultations?

We understand how important it is to feel comfortable heading into an appointment, whether you’re a new client or wanting to change up your look. A lot of the consulting can be done over email or a quick chat, if you have a more complex situation, we do offer a 30 minute In Depth Consultation.

The In Depth Consultation is great for clients or salons! If you’re a client that needs some help with your haircare routine and products or you're looking to make a change towards green beauty, this is a great choice.

I’m pregnant, is it safe to use colour?

We are not medical professionals, therefore we always recommend speaking with your doctor first. Should you choose to continue colouring your hair, we are comfortable doing so. We can also choose a technique that lessens your exposure, like highlights or balayage.

Why do you say you have gender neutral pricing?

We charge by the length of the hair, and the service required, not based on the gender of the person. So our haircut pricing is based on barber/pixie, short/mid and long transformational pricing, instead of "men's cut" and 'women's cut". Gendered hair services are an outdated and discriminatory way of doing business, and we are very passionate about changing this.

Gender has nothing to do with hair, so we don't include it!

This also ensures you get the exact amount of time with your stylist that you need, so folks with short hair only pay for the time it takes to do a great service, and folks with long hair get the extra time it takes for more hair.

It really is win-win.

How often should I get my haircut?

This depends on a couple different factors, but our general guide is -

Maintaining Style
Short Hair: 3-6 weeks
Medium - Long Hair: 6-12 weeks

Growing Hair: 12-16 weeks

Certain haircuts and styles can last longer than this (razor haircuts for instance), and every individual has different needs. Your hairstylist can make a recommendation specific to your needs and goals!

Where can I book?

I’m glad you asked! You can find all the info you need to reserve your appointment here.