Scalp Massage Brush

Scalp Massage Brush

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Step up your shampoo game! The silicone bristles of this scalp massage hair brush are soft enough to feel great, yet stiff enough to do the job. It can help to stimulate the scalp, as well as providing a relaxing massage. It also helps to remove dandruff/impurities, and protect the scalp from fingernails. 

This massage brush is particularly great if you struggle with oiliness or rinsing Hairstory's New Wash completely, and is highly recommended for new travellers on the shampoo-free journey.

Directions for use

Apply cleanser, as usual with your hands, then massage your scalp gently with the brush along the grain of your hair. Avoid circular, loopy motions to keep hair from tangling. Rinse thoroughly, sweeping the brush from roots to ends to assist. Rinse your brush and allow to dry.

Care Instructions

Store away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.

If you're not sure which product is right for you, talk to a Holistic Hair Expert by email or book a Virtual Consultation.

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