Hair Holistic Holiday Gift Guide


We put together this gift guide so you can easily navigate through and fulfill all your holiday shopping needs and wants. Find self-care must haves from haircare, natural bath bombs, and boar bristle brushes, to home decor items like Turkish Cotton Blankets, coconut wax candles, and silk pillow cases. 

Maybe you haven't started your holiday shopping, or just need those last few items to top the stockings. Either way, you can find it all here! We have curated the following categories to hopefully help you easily find exactly what you're looking for. 

The Haircare Enthusiast

The one who styles regularly, who's bathroom is more of a home spa, and can't go a week without a hair mask. This person's haircare routine is top priority and must have every accessory, tool and product to accomplish any style or treatment that one desires.

In this category you'll find:
Innersense Organic Beauty Detox Hair Ceremony Kits,
Scalp Exfoliating treatments,
Scalp Massage Brushes,
Plant Based Silk Pillow Cases
and everyones favourite Boar Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush (vegan option also available!).

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Eco Conscious

For the earth-loving naturalist who grocery shops at bulk stores, has more mason jars than drinking glasses, and can't stand the sight of single use plastics. 

In this category you'll find:
zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars from BC company, The High End Hippie,
scrunchies made from sustainable recycled fabrics made in Canada by Charlie and Paisley,
refill bottles and
32oz Refill Pouches of Innersense Organic Beauty Hairbaths and Conditioners, and much more!

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Warm and Cozy

What's better than a snowy night in cozied up in a blanket, hot chocolate (with baileys) in hand, candles are lit and you're ready to binge on your favorite show. If this sounds like you or someone you know, this category is for you.

Make your space extra warm and cozy this season with:
Organic Coconut Wax Candles from Fenwick Candles,
Natural Bath Bombs from Fersk Selfcare and
Turkish Cotton Blankets from Stray and Wander.

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Pure Relaxation

A category dedicated to those looking for ways to elevate their bath into a meditative experience. A true home retreat where you can lower stress and feel utterly relaxed. 

Shop our favourite
Hydrating and Detox Hair Masks from Innersense Organic Beauty,
Body Butter Bars and Natural Bath Bombs from self-care gurus, Fersk Selfcare,
and Fenwick Candles made with organic coconut wax, cotton wicks and scented with pure essential oils- no perfumes or fragrances!

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We hope our Holiday Gift Guide encourages ease during the holidays. We want to help eliminate the stress around shopping for others and bring joy and inspiration in finding the perfect gift. You simply can't go wrong with a natural and earthy scented candle or a beautiful cozy blanket that will keep you warm this season.

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