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Three Benefits of a Shampoo Refill Program

Amber glass refill bottle next to eucalyptus plant


We are so excited to have (re)launched our refill program here at the studio in Toronto. There are so many wonderful things about refilling your products, but we especially love that it's lower cost to you, you get great product, AND it's the future of less waste on our beautiful planet.

We are currently offering all Innersense Organic Beauty Hairbaths (shampoo) and Conditioner at a discount of 15-20% off. Simply bring in your clean and dry container (or these beautiful glass ones!) up to 500ml, and we will refill it!


We want everyone to have access to good haircare and we know it can be expensive, especially professional lines used in salons. When we purchase in bulk (larger sizes), our price goes down, which means we can pass that along to you! We truly believe that everyone should be able to use clean, quality haircare products and this is a step in that direction.

Once you pair that with the fact that Innersense products are almost twice as concentrated as normal ones, and you're saving even more!


Large refill containers of shampoo and conditioner on black trolly


Quality products

There really is a big difference in quality between professional lines and what you find at the drug or health food store. We want you to be able to treat your hair with the nourishment it needs to thrive naturally. 

When you make the switch to Innersense Organic Beauty, you will be able to see and feel the difference it makes. We truly believe in the brands we carry and are thrilled about providing an opportunity for more people to experience Innersense Organic Beauty Haircare, at a lower cost. 


Clear glass refill container and refill shampoo and conditioner


It is said that Canada alone produces around 3.3 billion tons of plastic waste per year. Most of which ends up in landfill, and a surprisingly small portion actually gets recycled or reused. There is a lot of misinformation and uncertainty in the waste management industry and we think more awareness (and change!) is needed. 

We believe that at the end of the day, it's about being more mindful of what you're purchasing and less about where you putting your empties. Of course, recycling is crucial in doing our part in dealing with current waste crisis but, what if we simply use less plastic, creating less havoc on landfills and the planet. 

Check our your neighbourhood for bulk stores, bring reusable containers and bags, and let's all create a little less waste. 


Large refill shampoo and conditioner containers


We encourage you to do more research and ask more questions about this topic. Our passion for keeping our planet safe and thriving grows every day and we are always looking for opportunities to do better. We hope to see you in the studio for a refill soon.


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